Harambee For KenyaHarambee For Kenya

The children come to us with a weight on their shoulders. They hardly smile, are hungry and often ill. We show them love, give them food and a bed and try to help them have a chance of being children again. Once settled they all go to school too.

Harambee For Kenya

It’s surprising what a good nights sleep can do!

Harambee For Kenya aims to help children who are orphaned, abandoned or who have run away for whatever reason.

How You Can Help

You can help us by sponsoring a child yourself. If you gave us £10 per month we could feed a child, either in our safe houses or fostered with a family.

You can raise money by holding an event. We can assure you that every penny raised goes straight to where it is needed for the benefit of the children.

Contact us for more information or look on www.harambeeforkenya.org

Harambee For KenyaHarambee For Kenya

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