Product Care


Wooden goods can be washed by hand if necessary in warm soapy water but must be dried immediately.  Polishing with a clean, soft cloth and a little vegetable oil is a good way to maintain and replace the natural oils in the wood.  Do not place wooden artefacts close to fires or radiators or where they will get wet. 



Natural Soapstone

The best way to polish soapstone is to use a wax polish such as natural shoe polish in a tin.
Gently rub on the artefact with a soft cloth.  Wipe the artefact with a new soft clean cloth.

Do not polish the natural soapstone plates or bowls if they are to be used with food.   Instead handwash and dry immediately.  If polishing is necessary use vegetable oil instead of a wax polish.

Coloured soapstone will fade over time.  Cleaning as above will maintain colours for longer.  Do not put coloured soapstone items in a brightly lit area or in direct sunlight.
Do not use a polish or oil which contains alcohol or petroleum distillates.

Painted soapstone

As above although items stained black may be better polished with black shoe polish

All other items

Materials may not be colourfast. If cleaning is necessary handwash as these are usually delicate items made with natural fibres. The safest way is to wipe down with a damp cloth.