Ethical Policy

Our mission is to supply a large range of handmade giftware which is unique, functional and of course - beautiful. Craft Zoo follows a strong ethical buying policy,

• We employ a local man to purchase and process our goods. He is from the Akamba tribe, the craftsmen who make the wooden gifts. Over the years he has developed a good relationship with the other artisans.

 • We make half payments when we order the crafts and not after they have been made. The balance is paid as soon as the goods are ready, before they are shipped to the UK.

• No child labour is used. However, children help their families as this helps skills to be passed from generation to generation and at the same time it helps them develop their own creativity.

• We encourage the use of sustainable raw materials by using waste woods where possible. 

• The use of 'Good Wood' such as Jacaranda is also being promoted and encouraged.  Jacaranda grows much faster than the traditional hard woods that the crafts people are used to. This requires a different carving technique.

• We package our goods in paper and cardboard, reusing the materials we get from Kenya.  Due to the fragile nature of some of our products we do sometimes need to use bubble wrap as well.

• We support our favourite charity by giving them space in our containers, sponsoring a child through school and buying products from boys who are now grown up and living independently.